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My name is Daniela Gómez, Danestefa across social media. I am 22 years old, a law student, a wife, and a mother to two beautiful fluffy babies. I am a bisexual Salvadoran-American who grew up in a religious, low socioeconomic household. As a first-generation college student, many would consider me to be successful for my age. Some may think my life has been easy. However, nothing is what it seems.

Just like everyone else, my life isn't perfect. As a result, this blog will have two purposes: 1. it's meant to be self-therapeutic; and 2. it's meant to bring you along on the journey that is my life while simultaneously helping you figure your own shit out.

Some of the topics covered will be light, some will be sensitive, and others will be controversial. However, regardless of the topic, I guarantee one thing: complete honesty.

This is an open space, a safe space. Anyone and everyone is welcome. Let's explore and discover beauteous life together, from one perfectly imperfect person to another.

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