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Hi, my name is Daniela Gómez, and I am the owner of Beauteous Life. I am a Salvadoran-American who's in her early 20s. I have two beautiful fur babies, a dog and a cat. I am an intuitive reader who offers intuitive guidance using tarot and oracle cards. Oh, and I'm also ordained!


The point of life differs from person to person. Different things in life have varying value depending on the day. Beauteous Life is meant for people like me: the scatter-brained, the ones who want it all, the ones who have gone through shit and are still healing.


Through the use of tarot cards, oracle cards, charms, and my intuition, let me help you understand where you are now, and what you can change to get to where you want to be. No matter how small it may be, there is beauty in life. Let's find it.

Meet The Team


Miranda Margolis

Astrology Reader

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