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Things I've Learned About Working Full Time (Year 1)

Congratulations to me! I've officially been working "full time" for one year. There are sooo many learned lessons. So many thoughts. The idea of having to do this for the rest of my life just sucks. I hope I'm not the only one on that boat. Here are some things I've learned/experienced so far:

1. Work/Life Balance is SO Difficult to Maintain

I mean, I feel like most of the things can technically fall under this category, BUT let's just ignore that for now. There have been countless weeks where I've worked over 60 hours. I'm a salaried employee; it's not like I'm getting any overtime for this. However, especially in my line of work, it's so difficult to just say "fuck it" and leave the rest for tomorrow.

2. Great Coworkers Go a Long Way

If your job description sucks, your clients/customers suck, your boss sucks, and everything else sucks, having great coworkers can make the shittiest of days into the best of days. When you acknowledge that y'all are on the shitty boat together, things begin to suck a little less.

3. Your Assistants/Staff are Your Biggest Allies

Chances are that, if things suck for you, things also suck for your assistants. Treat them nice and with respect. Don't turn into that supervisor/boss that you hate.

4. Take as Many Breaks as You Can

Burn out is real. Take as many breaks, vacation days, sick days, and just do absolutely nothing -- or at least do something that you enjoy. The more often you recharge your battery, the longer-lasting it'll be.

5. Be Aware of Your Boundaries

Everyone and their momma will like you to make an exception for something. Don't be afraid to say "no." You don't get paid enough for that? Then, no. Also, when you see a management problem, immediately address it. Don't allow yourself to work in more misery than needed.

Something I still haven't been able to understand, though, is how my mother managed to work, clean, cook, and take care of me. As of now, I feel like I can barely take care of myself. Hopefully that'll change some day.

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