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Covid: Death to Dreams or New Beginnings?

Alright, so I recently got into tarot cards (this is the set I have), and I'm trying something different. I've pulled three cards in hopes of writing about something that will resonate with most of you. I understand that some people might feel uneasy about tarot cards, and I totally get if this is not for you. Hopefully, my next post appeals more to you. Here's what I pulled:

So, what exactly does this mean? Remember back in December 2019 when we were all excited for 2020? We were sure that the year 2020 would bring us new financial gains, better relationships, and endless adventures. We were hoping that our hard work during 2019 would pay off, nurturing (Queen of Pentacles) numerous blessings.

Unfortunately, that's not what happened to most of us. Most of us feel trapped in an endless limbo surrounded by death, chaos, and worry. Most of us want 2020 to let us go, so our lives can "unpause." The pandemic has transformed our lives (XIII - Death) in many ways. How we choose to move forward is up to us.

We can either allow 2020 to kill our dreams or we can take the changes it brought to our lives and allow for new beginnings to commence, new dreams to form, and new plans of action to be made. If 2020 has taught us anything is that the world around us is still completely immature (6 Chalices), and there's room and need for lots of change.

Instead of dwelling on the could'ves would'ves, let's reflect on what we have learned so far:


School shootings are still happening and taking lives who have their entire future ahead of them. Cesar Cortes, who was killed by a J.R.O.T.C. student at Bellaire High School in Texas, was enlisted in the Army and was planning on a career in the military upon graduation. His killer, who was 16 at the time, was only convicted of manslaughter because the kill was seen as "accidental." The killer's defense was that he did not know whether the gun was loaded or not and pointed the gun at Cesar's chest and pulled the trigger. Where did he get the gun? No clue. (Read more here).


Men are also sexually abused. Boy Scouts of America filed for bankruptcy after facing 300 lawsuits from men who claimed to have been sexually abused as Scouts. This surge of lawsuits resulted from states expanding the statute of limitations to bring sexual abuse lawsuits. Additionally, Boy Scouts of America has had insurance that covered such claims, but the carriers have been withdrawing coverage recently. (Read more here).


Dictators fear democracy. Two suicide bombers attacked a security post near the U.S. embassy in Tunisia, leading to the death of a policeman. The attack was blamed on terrorists. The country's transition to democracy has been surrounded by violence... But really this issue hits close to home now that elections are around the corner. (Read more here).


Some Christians need to read Philippians 2:4. Despite the surging amount of Covid-19 cases, some pastors across the country kept their doors open for Palm Sunday, completely ignoring the quarantine orders meant to protect the people. If God is with us always, why were they against streaming their services online? This is one of many examples of people's selfishness. Remember the anti-mask protests? (Read more here).


The world is a lot smaller than we think. Not only did a virus make its way to the U.S. all the way from China, but the giant hornet, which is native to Asia, did too. (Read more here).


People still have a problem with the fact that #BlackLivesMatter. Summer Taylor was protesting against police brutality and racism when a driver, driving against traffic, swerved around two vehicles that were positioned as a barrier to protect protesters on the interstate, killing Summer. This is just one of many instances in which drivers have driven into protesters. The killer has been charged with vehicular homicide and reckless driving, pleading not guilty to both. (Read more here).


Racial freedom and equality should not be treated as a political issue. Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker, a Republican, signed a bill making Juneteenth an official state holiday. The federal government has yet to make such move... but Columbus Day is important? (Read more here).


A pandemic does not stop gun violence. 30 people were shot in Philadelphia in a single weekend, making the city's homicide toll reach 300, the highest it's been in over a decade. What happened to gun laws reform? (Read more here).


ICE has been committing genocide... and so many other human rights violations. Where are all the #prolife-ers and #alllivesmatter-ers? (Read more here).

So, yes, 2020 did kill our dreams, but it also forced us to open our eyes to the issues that have yet to be addressed and/or resolved. Issues surrounding the economy, health care, social justice, and politics need our attention. America has never been great, and it still isn't great, but we can change that.


Thanks for stopping by! Leave a comment and tell me what you have learned so far this year. Subscribe for more and share if you'd like. Additionally, let me know if there's anything you'd like me to write about.


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